“So here you are, with a book in your hand, ready to delve into the revelations of cause and effect of our divorce from nature’s nutrition. You are your own pioneer wading into the exploration for a path back into nature to find healing and vitality. It is not just your health that hangs in the balance of your efforts, but that of our species and the millions of others that compose the beauty of life on earth. It is time to reconnect, so indulge yourself in this self-healing diet journey. Bon Appetit.”

– Dr. Zach Bush MD, Creator of The Journey of Intrinsic Health

Millions of people worldwide follow an unhealthy lifestyle, attracting unwanted illness, disease, rapid aging, chronic malnutrition, and life-threatening obesity into their lives. The connection between lifestyle and wellbeing is continually being researched, yet it is still profoundly misunderstood. This ground-breaking book, backed by scientific research, explores how our environment and lifestyle directly impact our health, longevity, and the planet.

If you want to reclaim vitality and wellbeing, learn nutritional and therapeutic protocols, and embrace the life you’ve always deserved and desired, this book is for you!

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Brian Clement

Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N. leads a global mission to transform how people think about their lives, raise consciousness, and show respect and compassion for ourselves and our precious planet.

At the young age of 20 years old, Brian embarked upon a journey that would not only transform his life but the lives of hundreds and thousands of others. With a degree in biochemistry, complemented by a free-thinking inquisitive mindset, Brian was well on his way to becoming the visionary pioneer he is today.

Brian was guided and mentored by exceptional colleagues who imparted their knowledge and wisdom, inspiring him to embrace a living food, plant-based diet.
A significant influence on Brian was his close friend and original co-founder and director of Hippocrates Wellness, Ann Wigmore, who immediately recognized Brian’s natural talent for teaching, writing, and guiding people to optimal health. Ann’s own battle with stage 4 colon cancer guided her to embrace living foods. Ann personally experienced the miraculous, restorative power of wheatgrass juice, vitamins, and enzyme-rich foods, as she started to heal herself through her new lifestyle.